Bitcoin Bubble

The Bitcoin Bubble

If you didn’t happen to see the news last week, Bitcoin ended the week up 10x for the year. Yes, that is correct – up 1,000%. At least that was on Friday evening. By the time you read this, I am sure there will be a new record grabbing the headlines. In general, the concept […]

Tax Reform for the Few

It all seems connected. When I look at the tax proposals in Congress, I see a lot of twists and convulsions by the authors to create an appearance of fairness for all voters. But looking at the details – which are still changing by the day – there isn’t much for the voters. The similarities […]

A Busy Week for This Country

It has been a busy week for this country. First, it appears that we will have a new chair of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The appointment of Jerome Powell is unfortunately a downgrade.  The current chair, Janet Yellin, has done a superb job of keeping the economy moving forward despite deep structural issues.  She is […]

The Tax Reform Act of 2017?

Over the next few weeks, the Tax Reform Act of 2017 (or maybe 2018?) will take a central place in the majority of the headlines in both the financial and mainstream press. The details of the proposed legislation have yet to be released, but there is enough information floating out there that I can start […]

How and Why the Dow Raced to 23,000

For the past couple of weeks, the news has been dominated by stories of what might be: who will be the new Fed chairperson, what major tax changes will Congress march toward, how concerned to be about Trump’s threats for a war that no one wants, or further speculation who will next leave the Administration. […]

Our Must Reads for the End of 3rd Quarter 2017

As we approach the end of the quarter, we are busily preparing our Market Updates, both written and live. So that we might focus on the larger pieces coming out next week, here is a summary of some of the discussions that we found most interesting over the past week. In the Wall Street Journal […]

Recommendations to Protect Your Data after Equifax Data Breach

The situation with Equifax has clarified a bit since our blog post last week, but, with that clarity, we find more distressing news. It turns out that the data breach was less about clever thieves and more about incompetence on the part of Equifax. The breech occurred through a software flaw Cisco had identified apparently […]

Privacy, Credit, and Equifax

At this point, on top of all the crazy headlines around the world, you most certainly have heard of the massive data breach at the credit agency Equifax. On many levels this event is deeply upsetting. I certainly don’t recall giving them permission to gather all of the most important data points of my life […]

Tip-toeing into September

Summer has officially drawn to a close putting a lid on one of the most bizarre three months in U.S. history. With so much activity in D.C., I am highlighting the key events though I am sure to have excluded others just as bizarre or galling. Domestically, Congress has failed to pass any major legislation […]

A Wall of Water

As a former student of meteorology, I look at the satellite images and data from Hurricane Harvey with fascination. From miles above, it is a stunning cyclonic structure – a perfect funnel formed from massive pressure walls driven by atmospheric warming. The location only enhances the completeness of this event – bridging the intersection of […]

Market Complacency amid Political Disarray

The previous two weeks have been dizzying in Washington, but, yet again, the markets barely responded.  If you recall, in mid-July the White House was exploring pardons for Trump’s family and Bloomberg reported that the Mueller investigation is examining the Trump organization.  Events then moved to various forms of the Republicans’ failure to pass an even nastier version of Obamacare repeal.  Last week, we saw the White House staff firings and a retired general taking control […]

Vodia Capital - Strategy

China and Energy

As we slide through the summer doldrums, the news has slowed down to a mellow drumroll. That is, unless you count the events from June of 2016 and the manner in which White House has handled them. It appears that the Russian election scandal will continue to expand, albeit drip-by-drip, until we have a clearer […]

Fallout From U.S. Election Results

Dear Members of the Vodia Community, Well, I don’t exactly know where to start.  The election results from Tuesday night are a turning point for this country and for the world in a way that I never expected to witness in my lifetime.  Unfortunately, it points to a distressing chapter in our history.  I have […]

Focus on Fixed Income

In the last Live Market Update for our clients, we talked about the importance of the bond market in predicting economic conditions.  For all the talk about how the stock market is a perfect aggregation of information across all market participants (i.e. people), it actually does a pretty crummy job of predicting future economic troubles.  […]

U.K. Facing a Brexit Hangover – and Markets Aren’t Happy

Be careful what you wish for – You just might get it. Today the United Kingdom is facing one massive hangover.  After months of discourse over the grand consequences of an exit from the European Union, the Brexit referendum passed by a rather slim majority (52-48), or by roughly 1.3 million votes out of a country of […]

Brexit Explained: 99 Problems but No Solution in Sight

To our readers, Until now I have had the pleasure of writing the majority of our blog entries, but am very happy to now present the writings of Juliana Cusack.  Juliana is our analyst on the venture fund and works closely with investment team on economic matters.  While I will continue to write the quarterly Market […]

Bad Year.

We are just eight trading days into 2016, and it is already one of the worst yearly performances in quite a while – down -7.5%.  The next two days will be critical, however, in determining if this is a trend or another speed bump in an already rocky market. Using the S&P 500 as a gauge, […]

The Year Is Done!

The year is done, and it is a challenge to find the bright spots.  There are a few – some tech giants did well in addition to specialized pharma.  With pharma in particular, cheap loans sponsored by the Fed’s policy, M&A activity drove most of the gains to be seen in the market. The overall […]

An Ad-blocker, a Vendetta, and the future of Online Media

“Adblockalypse” is the end of days for publishers and advertisers. Once it arrives, content creators on the internet will never be the same again. Many will be destroyed. The ones who survive will be forever transformed.And that might not be a bad thing. —Brian Alvey Once the excitement over the announcement of the iPhone 6s […]

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Our Small Account Toolbox

We hear it all the time.  It’s usually spoken in a lowered tone as if it may be found offensive: “I don’t know if their account is big enough for you.”  Clients, friends, and acquaintances are often fearful that the people they refer to us won’t have enough money to invest, and therefore won’t get enough of […]

Mitigating interest rate risk through bond ‘ladders’

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the inevitable rise in interest rates, including particular concern on behalf of bond investors.  While there is consensus that rates will rise, no one is sure when. The US is still recovering from the great recession, economic growth is slow, and median household income has declined. It […]

Greek Shocker

Today was another one of those moments in the history of finance that will be recorded as a “shocker”.  The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, in an attempt to save his political career, is playing the ultimate brinksmanship by putting the fate of the European debt relief package up to the Greek voters.  By calling […]

eCurv featured in Xconomy…

The year eCurv spent pitching its energy management software to potential customers has taught its founder a few lessons. “The opportunity is much bigger than we thought,” said Edison Almeida, founder and chief executive of the Cambridge, MA, startup, which raised $2.5 million last June and has its eyes on another round of financing by […]

Portfolio Update

In this update you will find details on exciting progress from our portfolio companies. As we near the year’s end, our companies continue to make notable accomplishments and we are pleased to share the promising news with you. We welcome your feedback and would love to share additional highlights. After receiving a series of successful […]

In Venture Capital, Birds of a Feather Lose Money Together

Carmen Nobel, Senior Editor of Harvard Business School Working Knolwedge, reveals compelling research that suggests the more affinity there is between two VCs who co-invest in a new company, the less likely it is that the company will succeed. Article By Carmen Nobel – senior editor of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. To illustrate the […]

Curing Hepatitis

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) There has been much discussion and news lately about a new breakthrough in therapy for people with hepatitis C (HCV).   This is a relatively recent development and its ramifications represent a major breakthrough for human health as well as a significant investment opportunity. First identified in the early 1980s, HCV is […]

Research Note, Thailand – June 4, 2014

You have possibly heard about the military coup that occurred in Thailand on May 22, 2014. In brief, the military imposed martial law and has dissolved much of the elected government. They are establishing a new economic plan, and have temporarily installed the head of the military as the prime minister. In short, democracy in […]