How and Why the Dow Raced to 23,000

For the past couple of weeks, the news has been dominated by stories of what might be: who will be the new Fed chairperson, what major tax changes will Congress march toward, how concerned to be about Trump’s threats for a war that no one wants, or further speculation who will next leave the Administration. […]

Our Must Reads for the End of 3rd Quarter 2017

As we approach the end of the quarter, we are busily preparing our Market Updates, both written and live. So that we might focus on the larger pieces coming out next week, here is a summary of some of the discussions that we found most interesting over the past week. In the Wall Street Journal […]

Recommendations to Protect Your Data after Equifax Data Breach

The situation with Equifax has clarified a bit since our blog post last week, but, with that clarity, we find more distressing news. It turns out that the data breach was less about clever thieves and more about incompetence on the part of Equifax. The breech occurred through a software flaw Cisco had identified apparently […]

Privacy, Credit, and Equifax

At this point, on top of all the crazy headlines around the world, you most certainly have heard of the massive data breach at the credit agency Equifax. On many levels this event is deeply upsetting. I certainly don’t recall giving them permission to gather all of the most important data points of my life […]

Tip-toeing into September

Summer has officially drawn to a close putting a lid on one of the most bizarre three months in U.S. history. With so much activity in D.C., I am highlighting the key events though I am sure to have excluded others just as bizarre or galling. Domestically, Congress has failed to pass any major legislation […]