Market Complacency amid Political Disarray

The previous two weeks have been dizzying in Washington, but, yet again, the markets barely responded.  If you recall, in mid-July the White House was exploring pardons for Trump’s family and Bloomberg reported that the Mueller investigation is examining the Trump organization.  Events then moved to various forms of the Republicans’ failure to pass an even nastier version of Obamacare repeal.  Last week, we saw the White House staff firings and a retired general taking control […]

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China and Energy

As we slide through the summer doldrums, the news has slowed down to a mellow drumroll. That is, unless you count the events from June of 2016 and the manner in which White House has handled them. It appears that the Russian election scandal will continue to expand, albeit drip-by-drip, until we have a clearer […]

Fallout From U.S. Election Results

Dear Members of the Vodia Community, Well, I don’t exactly know where to start.  The election results from Tuesday night are a turning point for this country and for the world in a way that I never expected to witness in my lifetime.  Unfortunately, it points to a distressing chapter in our history.  I have […]

Focus on Fixed Income

In the last Live Market Update for our clients, we talked about the importance of the bond market in predicting economic conditions.  For all the talk about how the stock market is a perfect aggregation of information across all market participants (i.e. people), it actually does a pretty crummy job of predicting future economic troubles.  […]

U.K. Facing a Brexit Hangover – and Markets Aren’t Happy

Be careful what you wish for – You just might get it. Today the United Kingdom is facing one massive hangover.  After months of discourse over the grand consequences of an exit from the European Union, the Brexit referendum passed by a rather slim majority (52-48), or by roughly 1.3 million votes out of a country of […]