• Private Client Services

Vodia Capital knows that what matters to a client does change over time.  We are prepared not only to discover what matters to each client but also to address that evolution.

We offer a comprehensive, holistic service model for our private clients that encompasses asset management, impact strategy, financial and tax planning and trust management. We provide clients with truly independent advice, primary in-house research and guidance grounded in decades of experience and academic research.

As a boutique firm, we don’t just offer individual attention to our clients on an ongoing basis as you would typically find with a dedicated team approach.  We prioritize getting to know each client and family as real people and establishing a truly personal partnership.

The services we provide are configured to each client relationship based on each one’s specific needs, comfort level and asset base.  As our relationships grow over the years and decades, we find that our clients grow into many of these additional services.  Ultimately, it is about getting our clients to a place of balance where their financial life augments their quality of life in ways they would not have imagined on their own.


Asset Management

Objective Advice.

As a fee-only advisor, we have always served in a fiduciary role with our clients.  We do not derive compensation from commissions nor receive fees from the investment products we use. Free of these relationships, we can provide objective advice and complete transparency.  Further, we do not purchase mutual funds or other instruments that dilute investor returns through excess fees or opaque trading strategies.

Customized Strategies.

We assess each client’s specific needs and goals to build a custom portfolio comprised of direct investments in the equity, fixed income and alternatives markets.  We start by determining the optimal mix of equities and fixed income to maximize returns at each client’s acceptable level of risk, then layer in alternative instruments as appropriate and available. This approach is coupled with on-going asset screens based on fundamental analysis, risk measures and global social impact dynamics.  With this strategy we have successfully been able to maintain asset growth while limiting downside movement during volatile markets.

Impact Strategies

Vodia offers customized impact strategies for families and clients who want to closely align their investment portfolio with their values. Through this process, clients clearly articulate those values and identify social and environmental outcomes they find meaningful in both the short and long-term.  Based on this analysis, Vodia sources investment opportunities across the spectrum of asset classes and risk/return expectations.

  • Education: We provide a framework that showcases the differences in approaches, definitions, impact measurement and impact reporting. Through ongoing education, clients stay informed of the changes and updates in the industry, including both tools and opportunities that emerge with time.
  • Value Identification: We listen closely to a client’s personal stories, motivations and interests to determine the sectors and impact areas which are most important to that client. Whether its education, the environment, gender equality or something else, we seek to learn what the client believes creates long lasting value. We work together through to define meaningful outcomes and impact goals that can evolve over time.
  • Impact Strategy: We design impact strategies to maximize portfolios on the basis of return, risk and impact.  These strategies consider personal and family engagement with impact activities to guide the alignment of capital deployment, needs and opportunities.

For more information on our Impact Strategies please click here.

Financial Planning and Tax Strategy

Life Considerations.

Financial planning is a service we provide for our asset management clients.  We use advanced models based in Monte Carlo simulations and multi-factor analysis to address a myriad of situations a client may face throughout life. From immediate concerns such as the cost of funding a child’s education while funding retirement goals to theoretical questions regarding the long-term impact of low inflation, we bring rigor and sophisticated insights to our scenario planning.  

Tax Considerations.

Planning and investing is not complete without analyzing it within the context of tax burdens. With marginal tax rates approaching 40% at the federal level, a concise tax strategy combined with tax-advantaged investing can reap tremendous gains during a client’s lifetime. Our team of three tax professionals provides this service to our clients with a combined 100 years of experience and two CPAs.  With this extensive in-house experience and carefully selected outside tax advisors for international taxation situations, we provide a one-stop solution for our clients irrespective of their current or future needs.

Trusts and Estates

The use of trusts is an effective and successful tool in creating financial longevity.  Trusts are no longer a strategy exclusively for those with extraordinary wealth.  Trusts can play a critical role in ensuring a broad range of intended outcomes for families regardless of net worth.  Examples of trust objectives include caring for a family member with special needs, avoiding unnecessary litigation or ensuring thoughtful distribution of assets.  Whatever the intention, the use of trusts is critical for organizing and implementing a family’s plans over multiple generations.

At Vodia, we’ve observed that trusts can often be drafted under the best intentions but fail to deliver results due to a lack of coordination and follow-up with the drafting attorney.  This lack of coordination is very common and often results in frustration for later generations.  We have the depth of experience and client relationships not only to ensure proper implementation but also to understand and communicate the nuances of a family’s circumstances to the family’s lawyer.  Such coordination is essential to ensuring a client’s plans are implemented in accordance with the stated intentions.