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Vodia Ventures sees market opportunities arising across fundamental economic and social prosperity drivers including: cleantech, food security, and public health. See our portfolio companies.

Investment Philosophy

Vodia Ventures, LLC is the technology direct investment arm of Vodia Capital.  Building on Vodia Capital’s successful track record investing using a sustainable value creation model in the public markets (equities, fixed income and commodities), Vodia Ventures was founded to create financial and societal value through seed-stage private investments in technology-based companies resolving — cleantech, food security, and public health.

As a class, we believe these three areas share key structural characteristics which are ripe for technology-enabled innovation leading to long-term value creation.  The founder teams that get both the present-day value proposition and the larger context right will create significant value for their stakeholders;  we also believe they will open pathways for other teams to create still more value by addressing adjacent needs.

We prefer to coinvest alongside other investors with similar goals but different backgrounds and skill sets, to bring the best possible set of resources to bear for each portfolio company’s success.  We further seek out strategic relationships with other entities which can assist our portfolio companies to build the internal and external capacities to scale responsibly and profitably.

The Vodia Ventures investment thesis is designed to create financial value.  In addition we believe our values-based investment thesis is appealing for a variety of reasons above and beyond pure financial considerations.  For impact investors, there is the opportunity to pursue societal gains through their investments.  For the tech-focused investor, there is the opportunity to participate in advancing technologies with the potential to be truly transformative.  For those with legacy in mind, there is the opportunity to leave their children and grandchildren a better quality of life extending beyond mere financial security.

This website does not constitute an offer, or a solicitation of an offer, to sell any security or provide investment services to any person in any jurisdiction in which it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation.  This website is not a prospectus or an advertisement of any investment vehicle or product, and no offering is intended to be made hereby (to the public or otherwise).

Working with Us

If you are a founder seeking capital, finding the right investor(s) may seem like a money problem, but in reality it is mostly about alignment.

Regarding money, Vodia Ventures makes seed capital investments typically in the range of $100k-$500k.  We may occasionally do deals on our own but prefer to invest alongside other investors, to bring the best possible set of resources to bear for each portfolio company’s success.  We are most interested in companies that are structured to require less than $10 million total equity capital to become self-sustaining, high-value concerns.  Our investment approach is tied to our goal of long-term value creation:  we want to assist founders to achieve their company’s full potential, deliver significant stakeholder value, and reap a fair portion of that value.

Vodia Ventures is all about helping to commercialize creative, practical solutions.  Within that scope, a good prospect is a technology-based company with little or no prior investment, seeking less than $1 million in the current seed or A round.  A well-aligned company will also have:

  1. immediate or near-term potential to deliver outsize benefit to a wide swath of stakeholders
  2. a credible and defensible market proposition through intellectual property
  3. a reasonable strategic approach for selling its product or service and building long term value
  4. a dedicated and qualified team that has robust internal relationships and demonstrates willingness to question their own preconceptions
  5. a clear path to either a conventional exit or a structured exit.

Business models which will not garner our attention include those which are expressly dependent on regulation, government subsidy, or other exogenous factors;  require more than $10 million to reach self-sufficiency;  primarily serve customers willing to pay a “feel good” premium;  or are essentially philanthropic.  While these may be perfectly sound propositions in their own right, they are not well aligned with our mandate.

Vodia Ventures has set its sights on cultivating innovative teams.   We believe Georges Doriot was spot on when he famously said, “a creative man merely has ideas;  a resourceful man makes them practical.”  We also believe that chemistry is critical to success in making creative ideas practical, so we look for founder teams with great chemistry, both within the team and with us as well.