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Tax Reform Act is Merry Christmas to Corporate Donors

With the tax bill passed in Congress, it has been a good year for corporations, Republican donors, and lobbyists. For most of the rest of us, it was a big loss. For the future of America, it doesn’t get much worse. The tax reform Act that Congress just passed has very little in it for […]

Bitcoin Bubble

The Bitcoin Bubble

If you didn’t happen to see the news last week, Bitcoin ended the week up 10x for the year. Yes, that is correct – up 1,000%. At least that was on Friday evening. By the time you read this, I am sure there will be a new record grabbing the headlines. In general, the concept […]

Tax Reform for the Few

It all seems connected. When I look at the tax proposals in Congress, I see a lot of twists and convulsions by the authors to create an appearance of fairness for all voters. But looking at the details – which are still changing by the day – there isn’t much for the voters. The similarities […]

A Busy Week for This Country

It has been a busy week for this country. First, it appears that we will have a new chair of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The appointment of Jerome Powell is unfortunately a downgrade.  The current chair, Janet Yellin, has done a superb job of keeping the economy moving forward despite deep structural issues.  She is […]