Tax Reform for the Few

It all seems connected. When I look at the tax proposals in Congress, I see a lot of twists and convulsions by the authors to create an appearance of fairness for all voters. But looking at the details – which are still changing by the day – there isn’t much for the voters. The similarities […]

A Busy Week for This Country

It has been a busy week for this country. First, it appears that we will have a new chair of the Federal Reserve Bank.  The appointment of Jerome Powell is unfortunately a downgrade.  The current chair, Janet Yellin, has done a superb job of keeping the economy moving forward despite deep structural issues.  She is […]

The Tax Reform Act of 2017?

Over the next few weeks, the Tax Reform Act of 2017 (or maybe 2018?) will take a central place in the majority of the headlines in both the financial and mainstream press. The details of the proposed legislation have yet to be released, but there is enough information floating out there that I can start […]

How and Why the Dow Raced to 23,000

For the past couple of weeks, the news has been dominated by stories of what might be: who will be the new Fed chairperson, what major tax changes will Congress march toward, how concerned to be about Trump’s threats for a war that no one wants, or further speculation who will next leave the Administration. […]

Protected: Market Update October 2017

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